Elite Volleyball Team Signup

Dear Coach,

Thank you for your interest in National Youth Sports Elite Volleyball.  This is the TEAM REGISTRATION portal where you can register your COMPETITIVE team for $1,400.00 and then invite up to 12 players to join your team at no additional charge.

important Info

  • The Elite (COMPETITIVE) Volleyball League is intended to allow experienced youth and girls volleyball teams, to play against other experienced teams that should create a higher level of competition.
  • The purpose of the Elite Division is to take the next step from the recreational level.
  • 6 week season with playoffs (must qualify)
  • Teams can register as a team and close or limit their rosters if they desire.  You must have 6 players at the start of each match or you risk forfeiting sets which could result in a forfeited match.
  • Teams will provide their own jerseys. (All players must have a matching jersey (with number on front and back) with the exception of the Libero)
  • Teams MUST get all players ages verified through an independent company called National Sports ID.  There is an additional fee for this Digital ID Card, paid to National Sports ID.  This digital ID card is valid for 1 year from purchase.
  • All players will be “checked in” each game day, approximately a half hour before game time.  Only registered and verified players, that have a digital ID card, will be allowed to play in games.
  • Roster limits are minimum 6 and maximum 12.

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